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Conference Materials

Java Track
Speaker and title Presentation
Roger Freixa WebLogic for Developers PDF
Greg Young The Forest for the Trees BRAK
Daniel Witkowski Performance Analysis of JEE Applications ZIP
Marek Berkan Entry Logging in J2EE Applications PDF
Sławomir Sobótka Command-query Responsibility Segregation PREZI
Stephan Hochdöerfer What drives your design? PDF
Joshua Thijssen The joind.in Application for Android PDF
IT Project Management
Speaker and title Presentation
Monika Konieczny Gamification Driven Project Management PDF
Mateusz Gurgul The Dark Side of Project Management PDF
Martin Kokott How to Solve Unsolvable Problems in Projects PDF
Peter Horsten A Gen Y Versus Gen X Conflict PDF
Paweł Brodziński Kanban – a Light Alternative PDF
Rowan Merewood TDD and Getting Paid PDF
Performance and Scalability
Speaker and title Presentation
Vladimir Fedorkov Project Sphinx Overview PDF
Mariusz Gil HipHop for PHP PDF
Michał Gruchała Scalable Web Systems Architecture PDF
Mariusz Gil Extending the Memcached Functionality PDF
Jarosław Pałka Architecture and Programming Model for NOSQL Web PDF
Greg Young Unleash Your Domain PDF
PHP Track
Speaker and title Presentation
Stephan Hochdöerfer Simplify your External Dependency Management PDF
Sebastian Marek The Journey Towards Continuous Integration PDF
Derick Rethans Profiling PHP Applications PDF
Piotr Młynarczyk Data Caching in nk.pl PDF
Juozas Kaziukenas Zend Framework 2.0 Let’s Rock PDF
Paweł Subocz Back to the Past, Lecture About the Future of Web Applications PREZI