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See the movie from 4Developers 2011!

Third edition of 4Developers is over!

We would like to thank our attendees, speakers and sponsors for being with us at the third edition of 4Developers. This time we met ast the heart of Poland, Warsaw. The conference was attended by more then 300 developers, software architects and engineers, testers and project managers. 25 lectures in 4 tracks was presented by 22 speakers from 7 countries. But the essense of the conference is not in numbers, but rather in knowledge and experience that is being shared among developers during the meeting.

As always, the conference was divided into 4 tracks and the attendees were free to change rooms and listen to whatever lecture they were interested in. The number of presentations and they variety gave the attendees an excellent chance to see the overview of recent changes and developments in the process of creating code. The speakers not only showed the real-life examples but also shared their vision of the future of the sector.

Despite the talks, developers also participated in discussion panels. Conversations with peers in small groups turned out to be an excellent chance to provide knowledge and experience transfer between programmers.

There was also some time to have fun and relax. Our huge Scrabble game was a hit! The attendees were give a few letters and their task was to create programming related words on a giant board. The person who created the longest word was given a PSP consol! The game was very popular and people were collecting and exchanging letters creating quite a crowd by the Scrabble board. Moreover, the ones who needen a brake from sitting in conference rooms could play Kinect and PS3 Move.

We would like to sincerely thank our Conference Committee: Monika Konieczny, Mariusz Gil, Slawek Sobótka and Ted Neward for they amazing help with selecting the right speakers and presentations. We thank our speakers for they excellent talks and for sharing their knowlesge with us.

Moreover, we would like to thank 4Developers sponsors:

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tietoWorldIT Systems

Silver Sponsors

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You can see all slides from the conference in our Materials section. We encourage you to follow changes on our web page – we will publish the movied from the lectures, too.

Discussion Panels

Konferencja to nie tylko wykłady, ale także rozmowy, wymiana doświadczeń i dyskusje. Zapraszamy uczestników 4Developers do udziału w panelach dyskusyjnych, w czasie których będzie można w luźnej atmosferze, w małych grupach porozmawiać z innymi programistami. Temat paneli to:
  • Function Point Analysis jako narzędzie do oceny złożoności wytwarzanego oprogramowania
  • SQL kontra NoSQL, czy zawsze wybieramy rozwiązania w oparciu o potrzeby?
  • Czego brakuje w Javie – czym można uzupełniać braki?
  • VCS (Version Control System): Distributed VCS (Git, Mercurial) vs. Centralised VCS (CVS, SVN, Perforce)

Po raz pierwszy w Polsce, na konferencji 4Developers będzie można przystąpić do do egzaminów LPI w wersji papierowej

Linux Professional Institute (LPI, www.lpi.org. ) jest rozpoznawalnym w skali globalnej liderem na rynku certyfikatów dla specjalistów ds. technologii linuksowych, oferującym wszechstronne, najwyższej jakości i neutralne (niezwiązane z konkretnym dostawcą technologii) egzaminy. W czasie 4Developers będzie można przystąpić do egzaminów:

LPIC-1: sprawdza umiejętności z zakresu technologii linuksowych wykorzystywane do najprostszych zadań – wsparcie użytkowników, tworzenie kopi zapasowych (backup) i odzyskiwanie danych, zamykanie i ponowne wznawianie systemu.

LPIC-2: sprawdza podstawowe umiejętności z zakresu planowania, wdrażania i utrzymania niewielkich sieci mieszanych.

LPIC-3: umiejętności na poziomie korporacyjnym niezbędne do zarządzania środowiskiem mieszanym, bezpieczeństwem, wirtualizacją, siecią, Intranetem, emailem i komunikatorami.

Zapraszamy do podejścia do egzaminu, zwłaszcza, że cena pisemnego egzaminu jest niemal o połowę niższa niż podejście do wersji elektronicznej. Więcej…

Greg Young will present at 4Developers!

We are sorry to inform that due to dates collisions Ted Neward will not be able to make it to 4Developers. However, we managed to find an excellent replacement – Greg Young will be the keynote of Java track! He is a talented and well-known expert with over 10 years of experience in software development, especially Domain Driven Design. Greg is an author of popular blog http://codebetter.com/gregyoung and many interesting articles http://www.infoq.com/author/Greg-Young

The schedule is almost finished

Many great specialists from the IT field have joined the list of 4Developers speakers: Rowan Merewood, Peter Horsten, Jarosław Pałka and many others. Day by day the agenda is filling up with famous names and topics that are familiar to every developer and programming specialist. We invite you to visit the sessions agendas and to take part in the discussion at 4Developers forum!

Changes for 4Developers

At this years edition we will introduce discussion panels. It’s a great opportunity for the attendees get involved into the conference. The attendees and also the speakers will take part in the discussion panels to talk about interesting topics. To make this event even more interactive we have a surprise for you – on our newly created forum you can vote for topics that we have created but also you have the opportunity to post your own propositions of topics. The best topics will be chosen and discussed during the panel and the author of the best topic will be awarded with a free pass for the next edition of 4Developers. We invite you to join the discussion at 4Developers forum.

4Developers 2011 venue

This year we invite you to 4Developers to the premises of Warsaw Business School on Kawęczyńska street no 36. It is a modern and functional building with four amphitheater rooms, each for more then 150 people. Big screens, good sound system and comfortable chairs will definitely help you enjoy the lectures.

The location is also very convenient – just a few minutes away from East Warsaw Station (perfect for attendees traveling to 4Developers from different Polish cities), easily accessible by car and public transportation.

You can find more information about the venue here.

We already know the names of the first 4Developers 2011 speakers!

We’ve started filling in the conference schedule and we already know that we will have a chance to see presentations by the members of our Conference Committtee. They have never let us down, so this year we’re also ecpecting interesing talks. Mariusz Gil will present HipHop for PHP (a tool realised by Facebook, that transforms PHP code into highly optimized C++) and show us in what situations may it be useful for developers. Moreover, Stephan Hochdöerfer will take a fresh look on DDD (Java track) and will elaborate on easier and more succesful external dependency management (PHP track).

Soon we will publish more information about 4Developers 2011 speakers and topics, so don’t forget to visit our web page from time to time.

4Developers 2011 Program Commitee

The most important thing during every conference are the speakers and their presentation. The quality of the lectures, discussed topics and the way they are presented by the speakers is what makes the conference interesting for the attendees. Thus, we are happy to present 4Developers 2011 Program Committee that will select the best speakers and their presentations. The committee consists of developers with extensive experience, who have spoken on many conferences not only in Poland. We hope that their contribution to the organization of 4Developers will make it even better than the previous editions. We would like to thank Monika Konieczny, Mariusz Gil, Sławomir Sobótka and Ted Neward for their help in selecting the presentations for 4Developers 2011!