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Media sponsors

We invite all media and organizations that are involved in improving developers’ skills to help us promote 4Developers 2011.

All those interested in becoming the media sponsor of 4Developers 2011 should write an e-mail to anna.kolodziejczyk@proidea.org.pl

Our Media Patrons:

The Polish Java User Group is a group of Java technology developers and enthusiasts. The main goal is to popularize Java and modern software development methodologies. Active since 1999 they were organizing few conferences (including two with Bruce Eckel). Translation of the famous “Thinking in Java” into polish was also their project.

Portfel.pl is an economical-financial portal, for people who are looking for up-to date information and advice about topics like: law, EU funds, science, prestige, work and business. Every day you can find all the latest economic news, reports, stock ratings, comments from the market and also advice how to distribute private funds. There are various analyse tools available for you on the portal like a currency converter, investors barometer, funds barometer and many other.

There are eight services available on the portal: Finances, Economy, Company, Donations, Law, Prestige, Country and The World where everyone can find all the latest news.

Webhosting.pl is the first web portal on the polish market that touches topics such as web hosting, global networking and internet servises. The portal has set it’s goal to deliver practical and meritorical knowlagde to people that want to create and effectively use todays Internet.

Webhosting.pl portal has become the source of information about the newest trends and ideas that solve the webmasters, network administratiors, e-commerce specialists everyday problems.

Na portalu dWorld.pl znajdziesz najświeższe informacje dotyczące Javy. Wśród nich darmowe czasopismo JAVA exPress, podkast Polish Java Podcast, wiele newsów z kraju i zagranicy oraz w przyszłości także materiały wideo i szkolenia.Czasopismo JAVA exPress powstaje dzięki pomocy wielu ludzi. Zaczynając od autorów, korektorów, tłumaczy, grafików i wielu innych, bez których czasopismo nie byłoby tym, czym jest. Jeśli więc chcesz zostać autorem, pomóc rozwijać czasopismo lub portal, albo wziąć udział w nagraniu podkastu – skontaktuj się z nami. Więcej informacji na temat wynagradzania oraz wskazówek dla autorów znajdziesz na stronie JAVA exPress


Project Management Institute (PMI®) is a world leading non-profit association in the IT management industry.

PMI Poland Chapters mission is to promote professionalism in IT project management in business, academic centers and organizations in cooperation with PMI®. The association pursuits its goals thru broadening theoretical and practical development in the IT project management field.

Supporting professional trainings and gaining your skills in project management, distributions of the best standards of PM and stimulation of social awareness in the PM field.

More information on web page>


GoldenLine.pl means passion, contacts, knowledge and experience of over 800 thousand professionally active people. We are the biggest social-business portal in Poland, that unites professionals from various fields, with various interests and professional goals.

GoldenLine.pl gives the opportunity to find the right job, and provides easy contact for the employer to the potential employee.

Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is a world renown leader in Linux specialists certificate distributions, offering flexible, neutral and high quality exams.

Linux Professional Institute creates and maintains standards of skills regarding Linux OS and Open Source Software. This standard is supported by IT companies, corporation clients, government cells and professional communities around the world. The LPI certification program is distributed via partners for five continents and has been translated to various languages for the needs of over 7 thousand examination centers. LPI has held over 270 thousand exams and presented over 90 thousand LPIC certificates all around the world.